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Yoga Stops Human Trafficking and Builds Communities  


My name is Lara Land, founder of both Land Yoga - a Harlem-based commercial ashtanga studio - and Three and a Half Acres Yoga - a non-profit organization which empowers communities by bringing the physical and philosophical facets of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition to nurture, heal, and activate residents.

This year, I have brought my passions together in an annual Bollywood event to support both the anti-human trafficking movement and the Three and a Half Acres Foundation. Click Here To Buy Your Tickets!

I have also been a long-time supporter of the anti-human trafficking movement in India and specifically, the Odanadi Foundation.  Odanadi is an organization based in Mysore, south India which rescues and rehabilitates individuals who have been trafficked, prostituted, enslaved and abused. Odanadi uses yoga among its many therapies to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. They offer them a home, counselling, an education and career opportunities.  In addition, Odanadi works to educate and empowered thousands of individuals in some of south India's most disadvantaged rural communities to prevent trafficking from spreading.

More about Three and a Half Acres Foundation…

Our programs respond to the issues and needs of our populations—utilizing all eight limbs of yoga to increase the individual and communal capacity of our residents to envision and realize a more peaceful, just, and interconnected existence. 

Who We Serve
Three and a Half Acres Yoga is committed to engaging vulnerable populations—those living on moderate income, and/or communities of color. By targeting underserved populations, we know we can open them up to a world of opportunities that counteract socio-economic or cultural stereotypes, and build bridges of understanding among neighbors. The populations we serve are often victims of social injustice—e.g. they are more likely to get picked up for and receive longer sentences for minor crimes or miscommunications with the law. It is crucial then that they are given tools to calm in times of crisis so their reactions don’t have lasting consequences. Through yoga, we can build these skills, leading to more positive interactions, a stronger sense of self-confidence, and ultimately a more peaceful life. 

In addition, Three and a Half Acres seeks to engage people of power in our communities—factions of society that lead, police, or manage the residents of their neighborhoods. We understand the unique ability for yoga to act as a bridge between people of power and those who may feel disenfranchised inhabiting the same community—dissolving biases and providing a safe space to heal communities and resolve conflict.     

What We Do

Yoga looks at the whole person and all the implications and realities of that person within their community and society—it works with the emotional being to counteract the consequences of negative habits that affect their own life, their family’s life and the community around them. With that in mind, Three and a Half Acres understands the benefits of partnering with existing community based organizations—knowing we can amplify the benefits already offered in our communities. By integrating the internal benefits of yoga into service-based offerings, we can get to the root causes of an individual’s struggle. Beginning this January, our pilot 2015 Harlem partnerships are:
  • The Ali Forney Center supports homelessness LGBTQ youth, helping them to become safe and independent as they move from adolescence to adulthood.
  • Harlem United provides access to quality HIV/AIDS care for all, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation; and works to empower them physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. 
   We seek to:
  • grow healthy populations
  • preserve the inherent integrity of individuals;
  • restore compassionate communication among community members;
  • cultivate mindful, confident, and centered human beings;
  • and nourish the areas we engage with neighbors who are positive forces in their communities. 

We thank you for your support of these two very important ventures and look forward to seeing you at our Bollywood celebration on Tuesday, 10th March 2015.



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